Tahira of Optics Consulting has been Transportation Network’s Head of Digital Marketing for a little over 2 months now, and her work ethic is impeccable. She has an immeasurable focus on what she can bring to your brand. As unique as our company is as a, “Professional Car Buying Consulting Service,” located in Houston, TX., how she handles and grows our business with digital marketing is a thrill! “Benji” handles several aspects of our online media via Instagram, Facebook, our official website… www.helpbuymycar.net, even our hiring events!!! We couldn’t ask for a better Digital Marketing Consultant than what we have in Tahira, Founder & Chief Strategist of Optics Consulting!! Thank You So Much Tahira, and we look forward to our continued working relationship moving forward and well into the future! –Gregory Dennis, Founder & CEO, Transportation Network

Tahira is excellent at putting together on point photo shoots and bring your brand to look authentic to you. It has been an absolute dream to work with her. I recommend her to anyone who wants to up level their brand on every level. –Alexia Anastasio, Film Director, “Adventures in Plymptoons”

Tahira has far exceeded my expectations when we started to work together. I’m a new Chiropractor in the Los Angeles. I needed help with marketing/networking with other health care professionals. She immediately made an impact! I was hopeful for 1 lunch meeting per week and she easily set up 3-4 per week that will pay huge long term dividends to building my practice! She continues to to go beyond my expectations and has become a valuable addition to my business! Can’t recommend her highly enough!